8 Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Tidy

The kitchen might be the most visited room of your home. Well, everyone starts their day with breakfast in the kitchen and ends with dinner which probably makes it messy.  Further, It is great if you clean your kitchen once or twice a week, but what about maintaining your kitchen daily? Frankly speaking, I am the one in my family who is an expert in messy cooking and I admit it. But in reality, it doesn’t matter how bad your cooking skills are, unless and until you keep things clean and tidy. Here, I have listed some of the tips that will help you to keep your kitchen clean and shiny.

Have a Proper Place for Everything

Have a Proper Place for Everything

Instead of scattering things all-around your kitchen, it’s better to keep things in their place that doesn’t look messy. Try to keep all the similar things in one spot. Further, try to place utensils one over the other according to their sizes. For example, you can keep the knives and spoons on the stand and kitchenware in the cabinet. 

Do Dishes While You Wait for Your Meal To Get Prepared

Well, everyone indeed hates doing dishes but it is the most important to keep your kitchen healthy and safe. If you find yourself waiting in the kitchen, for your meal to be prepared, utilize that time doing dishes. It would be great for saving your extra time and effort.

Clean Your Sink Properly After You’re Done With Your Dishes

Clean Your Sink Properly After You’re Done With Your Dishes

The sink doesn’t get dirty though, but it’s quite worth cleaning it. Do wipe your sink and taps with a kitchen cloth. Here, you might find it lazy to pick those food leftovers from your sink plughole but it takes seconds to pick them up. The sink full of greasy water and leftovers can leave your kitchen stinking. Further, leftovers can block your kitchen waste outlet tubes. In that case, you might need to call an emergency plumber in Walsall to get your blockage issues fixed. 

Clean Spills As Soon as Possible

If you whirl around spilling in the kitchen, then you must make the habit of removing spills as soon as possible. You might neglect spills in a hurry but you might be knowing that later it is tough to clean those dried spills. Further, avoid wasting your time cleaning those dried spills when they can easily be cleaned up with a simple wipe.

Clean Your Kitchen Before You Leave

Clean Your Kitchen Before You Leave

It is great to put things back in their place right after using them. Don’t leave spices and other material on the slab after you finish cooking. Further, make sure that you clean your kitchen yourself before leaving. A dirty kitchen acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Use Kitchen Garbage Bowls 

Do not peel your fruits and vegetables directly on the counter. These food scraps will be a huge mess in your kitchen. Best of all, start using kitchen garbage bowls so that peels won’t scatter around the counter. 

Wash Your Kitchen Cloth Regularly

Wash Your Kitchen Cloth Regularly

Make a good habit of washing your kitchen clothes daily. Dirty clothes and sponges can lead to breeding of the bacteria and germs in your kitchen. Also, wash them with hot water or use high-temperature washing machines. Further, dry them properly before using them again. 

Use Floor Cleaner to Sweep Your Kitchen

Do sweep your kitchen regularly. This would help remove germs from the kitchen room. Further, it will make your kitchen safe for your family members. However, if you feel that sweeping spreads dirt all over the kitchen, then you can also prefer the use of vacuum cleaners for your kitchen. 


A clean and shiny kitchen is always healthy and safe for the whole family. However, you can simply follow the above-mentioned tips to maintain your kitchen on a daily basis. Further, this will contribute to keeping your kitchen clean and tidy for a longer time. 

6 Korean Foods That promote Healthy, Glowing Skin

Koreans are famous for their k dramas, flavorful food, and glowing, glass like skin. What if I tell you, the secret behind their glowing skin is not just the korean skincare regimen that has been trending worldwide but their food has a significant role to play as well? Yes, trust me. There are a few food items that Koreans eat almost all the time and it promotes healthy skin. Let’s find out what they are.



Had to top the list, of course. There is no Korean meal served without kimchi. Kimchi is famous all around the globe as a side dish that Koreans have with every meal. Every k drama, guide or article on korean food features kimchi. In fact, Koreans, when taking a picture, say kimchi instead of cheese. I am not making any of this up. Kimchi is extremely famous and even though it is more known for its flavors, it has some serious health benefits. It is traditionally made by fermenting cabbage and this fermentation produces antioxidants and promotes gut health. All of this contributes to better skin.


Koreans love their tea. No I don’t mean gossip, LOL. In fact, tea is the second most consumed beverage in Korea, after water of course. The fun part is, there is not one but many recipes of tea and every tea has some health benefits to offer. Healthy skin is the common benefit. From barley tea to Korean green tea and ginseng tea, all of the teas are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.



Koreans love soup. Again, just like tea, there is no one particular soup recipe that I would want to point out here. It is how Koreans make these soups that make them extremely beneficial. From the selection and combination of ingredients to the process of cooking, everything plays a role and trust me when I say this, it is the reason why Korean soups are very different from the regular soups. They are more filling, balanced, and evidently beneficial. Rich in nutrients, Korean soups promote glowing skin.


Makgeolli is a very famous fermented rice wine. If you are into wines you must have heard about it already. Koreans’ love for rice is known to everyone and rice water has come out as the secret behind their healthy, long hair, and glowing skin. Fermented rice wine is no exception. Even though it contains alcohol, the concentration of alcohol is pretty low. The process of fermentation has several health benefits to offer. The same process is the reason why kimchi promotes healthy skin and the same reason applies here as well.   



There is no way one can complete the list of Korean food without mentioning seafood. Koreans love their fish and every sort of seafood. While there are a lot of people who have shifted towards veganism or prefer a vegetarian diet, a large part of the Korean population is still dependent on seafood for healthy fats and proteins. Fish is extremely rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. The health benefits of fish have been made known to the public through various studies and researches as well. It is one of the top listed superfoods that can significantly enhance the quality of skin and promote glowing, healthy skin.

Not just fish, seafood and meat in general has several health benefits, especially for the skin. They are all rich sources of healthy fats and proteins that contribute to healthier and glowing skin.

Seaweed Soup

Seaweed soup is a staple Korean breakfast. They are eaten frequently in Korea as a superfood because of its unlimited health benefits. Seaweed soup is extremely nutritious and is often given to new moms so that they can get back the nutrients they lost during the delivery of their child. Along with promoting general health, the soup promotes healthy skin as well and is known to cleanse the body and reduce inflammation as well. 

And that is it. This is the list of Korean foods that promote healthy skin but along with this, Koreans consume several super foods as well that contribute to healthy skin as well.

From avocado to fruits and vegetables, Koreans make sure they get plenty of nutrients through leafy greens and plant based food. Every meal is rich in vegetables and stock which ensures that the plant nutrients are being consumed in either form.

So, I guess now you know which food you need to pick to have healthy skin just like Koreans. Also, don’t forget to check out this really fun “am I beautiful” quiz.

England’s 4 Best Cities For Eating Out

One delicious meal is an example. Two is just a coincidence. And thousands is a trend. The pleasant and green land of the country receives countless visitors every year. For some it is eccentricity of England’s ancient temples and beautiful shores that draw them in, and for some it is the promise of some great british grub. So we made a definite guide for a timid explorer looking for a hefty feast. Do remember before you leave your house that you should get your plumbing checked by emergency plumber in Solihull. Here we present some of the best cities in the UK for food lovers. 



In 2019, the prestigious National Geographic Magazine unveiled a list of cities with the best culinary experience in the world. And guess who topped the list. London’s restaurant scene is definitely one of the best in the world. The city houses a gamut from centuries old great British institutions to the innovative and trendy no-reservation hotshots that open faster that one can keep track of. 

It is to no one’s surprise that chefs from all over the world are keep for a place at the dinner table here. Pull up a stool at the long counter to watch Thai dishes getting cooked over open flames, sink into the leather booth and have lobster mac n cheese or order a whole set of small plates inspired by Italian’s diverse regions. 



It may be half blue and half red, but sure Manchester is one of the most popular places among tourists. Home to two of the world’s biggest football clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City, it boasts a sporting culture like no other. But the culinary experience is not too behind. The city boasts independent establishments serving innovative dishes and big name chains pulling all the stops to impress the foodies. 

But do you know what I love the most about this city? It is the range of dishes this multicultural city has to offer. Whether you fancy a british pie or a spicy Indian curry, the city’s menu seems to never disappoint. The restaurant scene in Manchester surely calls for a trip. If you are serious about food, you’ll find that the city has a lot to offer. 



No part of the country is more distinguished by its sublime beauty of lakes, culture, and culinary experience like Cumbria is. The words of William Wordsworth still ring in the natural splendour of the city. For centuries poets, perambulators, and painters are travelling to the city in search of inspiration. But it is not just the beautiful landscape and rich artistic history that the city is famous for. The city offers rich food specialities for food mongers looking to clench their hunger. 

Cumberland sausage! Yes, the city is known to be home to an award-winning meat that is something to savour. The sausage is traditionally long, and sold rolled in a circular, flat coil. Explore the city and experience the city’s amazing culinary scene the way it is meant to be, 



Another city rich with football instincts. Yes, they are back in the top flight premier league and are competing with some of the best teams in Europe. The city welcomes thousands of tourists every year and enriches them with some amazing food establishments. Gone are the days of places with second rate pizzas, soggy fish n chips and staid parlours. 

Today, Brighton hosts an increasingly sophisticated restaurant scene and outshines some of its seaside counterparts. The city emphasises locally grown ingredients. Making full use of Sussex’s own vineyards, farms, and artisan cheesemakers. And there is plenty of variety too. From spicy asian spices on one corner of the street to American Hamburgers joint on the other.

Last Words

England is one of the most culturally rich countries in the world. With cobbled streets taking you into the world of Harry Potter to the beautiful countryside that will leave you mesmerized. It just never seems to disappoint. And if you are a foodie like me then you must pay a visit to these places. 

Weird Ice Cream Flavors You Must Try

Ice Cream is one of the most endearing forms of dessert dishes that anyone and everyone absolutely loves to eat. Why is that? Well it is said that due to a specific enzyme called amylase people love trying out new textures of food. This special enzyme then helps in breaking down the starch infused foods that we eat at a faster rate which is why we love eating ice creams often. Of course it is also because of how yummy it tastes. Our taste receptors are quite attuned to the wonderful and incredible flavors of ice creams that are already quite common, however it is always exciting to try out something new. Let us go through a list of some of the weirdest ice cream flavors that you must try out.

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Everything There Is to Know About Different Types of Tea

Even if you don’t consume it on a daily basis, there has been at least one instance where you’ve had the opportunity to sip in the delights of this beverage. With about a third the amount of caffeine in it, as compared to its contemporary coffee, tea can bring about a less intense, but in itself robust jolt of energy. What’s even better is how the same batch of leaves can be used multiple times before you completely extract its flavor. 

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How to Save Big Time on Groceries

You will always be out of grocery if you are guilty of purchasing absent-mindedly or in limited quantities. It is so easy to stock up snacks and unnecessary items just because you would like to have them once in a blue moon but is this helping anyone? Yes, the store owner apparently. You are paying frequent visits and giving them money that you were supposed to be saving, it is definitely a good day for them. But what about you? You could have easily saved that money had you been mindful of your shopping list and aware of tips and tricks that could have helped you in saving time and money. But it’s okay, finally you realized and we are here to help you out in these challenging times.

Buy in Bulk

Whenever you go out for grocery shopping, always consider buying in bulk. That does not mean you will purchase five times the quantity you require but atleast double that up so that you don’t have to go again. The less frequent your visits, the less money you will be spending. It will be more like a one time investment. 

Ditch Meat

Meat is expensive and not really a necessity. “But man, what about protein?” Well, you can get your protein from vegetables, lentils, dairy, and vegan items too. Meat is totally an optional item that you think cannot live without but in reality you can and it is better if you consider that. Ditch meat and stick to cheaper options for your protein. You will see how much you can save with just this one shift.

Don’t Waste Food: Use Leftovers

Cooking in bulk is great advice for those who use the leftovers as their next meal. But if your leftovers will get a one way ticket to the trash can, don’t have leftovers in the first place. That does not mean that instead of stocking the leftovers in the fridge you will straight up throw them in trash. Damn, I wonder if someone would have thought that way but my point is, either use the leftovers or cook exactly the quantity you will be able to consume in one sitting. If you are struggling with a considerably less appetite, that can be an issue and you need to work on it. Don’t eat in excess and then affect your own digestive system but maybe try to increase your appetite with natural medication. Weed gummies can help you with this condition. 

Have cheap yet healthy items in pantry

Items like grains, lentils, beans, chickpeas, NOT CANNED, are usually cheap and they are healthy too so always have them in bulk, stocked up in your pantry. If you are out of everything, you can still have them as they are nutritious and great meals on their own.

Avoid One Time Use Ingredients

Ingredients that are not a necessity can be avoided pretty easily. There is no point of stocking ingredients and items that will probably rot sitting in the back of your cupboard because you don’t use them as frequently. So you can easily skip on such ingredients and save yourself for investing in nothing but future trash. 

5 Healthy Desserts That You Can Have Even if You Are Dieting

Who doesn’t like desserts? The kick one gets from the sweets and sugar rush is literally the best experience and I personally live for that. I love sweets and desserts but in order to maintain my weight and body I am not allowed to consume much sweets. But hey, does that mean I will restrict myself from having desserts at all? Uh no! It rather means that I would figure out what I can have and eat my desserts in a healthier form to calm my nerves and avoid repercussions at the same time.

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Healthy Dog Food Recipes You Can Make At Home

Dogs have very different requirements compared to humans. This is why as a dog owner, we always try to make sure that they get exactly what their body needs. We look after their walking routine, get them regular vaccinations and give them all the love and attention they need. But most importantly, to ensure that our dogs have a healthy life, we very carefully observe what they eat. Their diet is very important because there is a long list of foods that can be toxic or cause an allergic reaction in your dog. 

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