2019 was the year that brought a resurgence of vegan food. There were suddenly options in most significant restaurants catering to vegans. The three pillars of fast food McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC have all proven to be in touch with the masses by introducing options that cater to a growing base. The want for this food also does not seem to be slowing down. If you ask chefs, 2020 is supposed to be the year of vegans.

So for a delicious and innovative start to your Vegan journey, here are some starting basics you should stock in your pantry.

For The Meat Lovers: Plant-Based Chicken 

 Absolutely nothing food related can be written without mentioning plant-based meat at least once. But it is true the way things are going we are one step away from vegan chicken. It is a revolution on the brink of happening. KFC and A&W have been testing vegan chicken that tastes and feels like chicken but is instead a supplement. The usual ingredients in this supplement are soybean and beetroot. So, a definite healthier choice. But beyond just fast food counters, you can expect to see it in your nearest grocery store soon enough.

Dairy Replacement: Oats

The scientific fact that has recently come to light? Anything that you can achieve from milk you can probably achieve from oats. Plus Oats are better; you don’t even have to harm animals for it. It was a top dairy replacement in 2019, and the craze seems to have carried onto 2020.

Apart from being a dairy replacement, meat alternatives are being tested out by Taco Bell that looks and tastes exactly like traditional beef. What is that oats can’t do?

Fast food: Meat & Cheese

2019 introduced fast food options for vegan, but 2020 is going to build on that majorly. If you are switching from a carnivore diet, then you can expect choices that will not make you think about meat at all. There is the already established, tastes exactly like meat, impossible food, and beyond burger. Now there are going to be sausages and chicken created along the same lines.

The most prominent star, however, has to be vegan cheese. Created with sweet potatoes in some places, this seems to be something that everyone should at least try out once.

Vegan Eggs 

Eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients ever to exist. They taste good scrambled, hard-boiled, fried, in a quiche, or even in a cake. There has often been a search for something that can replace this or at least come close to what this ingredient can do. Now, you have an option.  You have brands that are coming up with alternatives that look, taste, and cook exactly like eggs. These are made of algal flour. They usually come in a powdered form, which gives you endless opportunities for you to try different dishes.  

Snack Time: Dairy Free Chocolate

Now there is a lot of debate about their taste. But like we saw with the emergence of Nestle’s dark chocolate Aero and Mars’ Vegan Galaxy Bars, they are pretty good as a snack. We had a year that was filled with dairy-free ice cream ( oat milk is the substitute used).  2020 also seems to be poised to be a wonderland for people looking for alternatives that are dairy-free and vegan.

From The Ocean: Seaweed 

It is challenging as a vegan to get one essential fatty acid, i.e., DHA. So, stocking up on seaweed is a good idea. Various snacks are available in the market that may not be necessarily branded vegan but can be had without any issues.

New Entry: Bean Based Products 

Beans are a cornerstone of vegan cuisine. Now they are also going high tech. There are bean-based burgers, yogurts, eggs, cheese puffs, and noodles. Also, a lot more is available on the vegan shelf. Beyond burgers are pea-based, and most vegan alternatives are using beans as a base to build alternative dishes. So prepare to be going through a bean-based aisle in the supermarket very soon.

The Best For Last: Go Green 

Nothing on this planet can be more important to vegan cuisine than greens. There are various trends in the greens too. There is an entire movement that supports that you should be eating your greens from the root to stem. Cauliflowers are in everything from bread to pasta ( as an alternative).

If you are going vegan, there are a lot of great perks, the biggest one being the sustainable;e factor. It is also no longer a lonely endeavor. The number of vegans has been steadily rising. So, any questions will be answered by a quick search. Have a happy vegan run!