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How to Save Big Time on Groceries

You will always be out of grocery if you are guilty of purchasing absent-mindedly or in limited quantities. It is so easy to stock up snacks and unnecessary items just because you would like to have them once in a blue moon but is this helping anyone? Yes, the store owner apparently. You are paying frequent visits and giving them money that you were supposed to be saving, it is definitely a good day for them. But what about you? You could have easily saved that money had you been mindful of your shopping list and aware of tips and tricks that could have helped you in saving time and money. But it’s okay, finally you realized and we are here to help you out in these challenging times.

Buy in Bulk

Whenever you go out for grocery shopping, always consider buying in bulk. That does not mean you will purchase five times the quantity you require but atleast double that up so that you don’t have to go again. The less frequent your visits, the less money you will be spending. It will be more like a one time investment. 

Ditch Meat

Meat is expensive and not really a necessity. “But man, what about protein?” Well, you can get your protein from vegetables, lentils, dairy, and vegan items too. Meat is totally an optional item that you think cannot live without but in reality you can and it is better if you consider that. Ditch meat and stick to cheaper options for your protein. You will see how much you can save with just this one shift.

Don’t Waste Food: Use Leftovers

Cooking in bulk is great advice for those who use the leftovers as their next meal. But if your leftovers will get a one way ticket to the trash can, don’t have leftovers in the first place. That does not mean that instead of stocking the leftovers in the fridge you will straight up throw them in trash. Damn, I wonder if someone would have thought that way but my point is, either use the leftovers or cook exactly the quantity you will be able to consume in one sitting. If you are struggling with a considerably less appetite, that can be an issue and you need to work on it. Don’t eat in excess and then affect your own digestive system but maybe try to increase your appetite with natural medication. Weed gummies can help you with this condition. 

Have cheap yet healthy items in pantry

Items like grains, lentils, beans, chickpeas, NOT CANNED, are usually cheap and they are healthy too so always have them in bulk, stocked up in your pantry. If you are out of everything, you can still have them as they are nutritious and great meals on their own.

Avoid One Time Use Ingredients

Ingredients that are not a necessity can be avoided pretty easily. There is no point of stocking ingredients and items that will probably rot sitting in the back of your cupboard because you don’t use them as frequently. So you can easily skip on such ingredients and save yourself for investing in nothing but future trash.