Done growing your favorite marijuana strains? I am sure the next thing you will be thinking about is harvesting the strains. That’s when you need to move ahead with drying your cannabis harvest.

If you are thinking, why do you need it? It’s because cannabis stops producing any cannabinoids or resins after harvesting. That means any second after that; you will start losing the potency of the product. Drying will help you to balance the potency in the best possible way. 

A well-dried plant will be one of the best quality products for a great smoking experience. This is because of the drying process that takes away all the weight of water from your produce. A lot of first-timers lose patience and cut, dry, or smoke their produce pretty quickly and end up hating the bud. A worse possibility could be it did not get you high. Unlike what cannabis growers and users assume, the process of drying actually triggers the potency of cannabinoids. So, don’t lose your patience after investing so much time and effort. 

Here is How You Can Dry Your Marijuana Fast

We have enlisted the best methods to get you one of the best quality cannabis strains. Although no one can promise the efficiency of these methods, you can rush through the drying process, using them to get an excellent bud for smoking. 

Sun-Dried Process 

It is the easiest method of all where you have to put your cannabis stock out in the sun to dry it quickly. Although a lot of growers don’t use this method, it is definitely one of the quickest ways to dry your harvested crop. Just hang your bags of buds in the sun and remove all the humidity fast. You can use a paper bag to store your buds for the drying process. But, this method can be used only when it is hot outside. Also, it can take away the bud’s essential terpenes. Even doctors ask patients with a medical marijuana card to go for products that are more potent and skanky. For that, you need to dry and cure weed slowly in low humidity levels. 

Drying Rack 

Keep a drying rack and wire or string handy to use this method. Make sure to keep your humidity levels between 45 and 55 percent. Also, maintain the temperature between sixty to seventy degrees. A slow dry is often recommended to keep the terpenes and cannabinoids intact. Follow the method to keep your nuggets dry and not moist. Place your cut branches in a one-foot length on the drying in an area that is completely insulated. Set up a fan or exhaust system for proper air circulation. Once the branches snap off, you can go ahead with the next process, i.e., curing. 

Brown Bags 

You can use brown bags, as you can see in a bakery. You can use popcorn buds for this process. Just place them inside the bag and leave them to dry for at least two or three days. Ideally, you need at least six days for that. But, if you don’t’ have time, three days are good to go as well. Place the nuggets covered in a brown bag on the keyboard of your laptop and turn them after every 10 minutes. This might take an hour or longer. Expect a little harsh taste from the buds dried using this method. 

Boiler Room 

A lot of private homes have an additional boiler room. The room has a decent temperature and keeps the humidity minimal. So, you can quickly dry your cannabis in this area. You can use string to dry bigger buds. But never turn up the heat, or the essential elements will be lost. If you leave your water heater on for most of the time, you can completely dry your buds within three or four days. And bigger buds within a week. This has the lowest impact on the potency of your bud. But, it still won’t taste that good.

Freeze Drying 

One can use the new technology, which can give you dried cannabis buds within 24 hours. It could be a costly method as you might have to buy a freeze-drying unit. It will transform the moisture into crystals, and the low vacuum pump will suck them off. This method will produce more potent weed. 

Say No To Any Desperate Strategies 

If you are in a hurry, baking buds would be a bad idea. Never use it as it will turn your weed into a complete waste. That temperature is too hot for your cannabis to handle. And you will cook away most of the cannabinoids as well. Another disaster could be drying marijuana in a microwave. Never use it for drying marijuana. 

Key Takeaways

Ideally, when your cannabis is close to harvest, you must keep 30 days between harvesting and curing marijuana. So, the stop point, i.e., drying must be done is a correct way to minimize the loss in potency or quality of your product. But, before starting the drying process, cut your plant and trim the extra fan leaves from the stalks. Then, hang your stalks upside down to dry your cannabis in a temperature and humidity-controlled area. Check on your crop every day to monitor the process and prevent any disasters.