This was a year of surprises when it comes to food trends. You had plant-based alternatives taking over carnivore needs and suddenly milk from anywhere, but the cows was cool. Suddenly pistachio milk was in existence, and I’m still not quite sure where it comes from.

Today we will take a deep dive into every existing and emerging food trend that seems to be poised for a 2020 mainstream arrival. The foods we are looking to serve a dual purpose. Not only do they taste good, but they are also being hailed in making a turn into the healthy category for people. Most of the lifestyle issues that people are facing come from our consumption choices. Some of these foods are environmentally better; some help incorporate more fiber into our diets, help cut cholesterol, or even get better sleep.

Sweet Potatoes Are A Superfood 

Sweet potatoes have long been a part of staples that grace the holiday feasts. But now it is about to take over cauliflower as a super vegetable. A plant-based mac and cheese id being launched, the kind that has no cheese but instead a sauce made of sweet potatoes and nutritional yeast.

Sweet potato also has a vivid color and nutrients like Vitamin A and C. There is another startup that is using sweet potato flour along with pea protein and rice four to create a crunchy snack.

Faux Fish Is Taking Over

 The impossible burger graced us in 2019. Which has paved the way for what is coming next? Plant-based alternatives are taking over the seafood market. Instead of tuna, there is an expectation that people are going to be gravitating towards tuno, an alternative made from seaweed and soy protein. It also promotes itself as a sustainable option. Another company is coming up with a seafood alternative that is a blend of six legumes and algae oil for a touch of the sea.

Finless Food is creating sustainable, nutritious seafood without hunting live fishes. Instead, they are growing bluefin tuna cells, which can then be harvested and eaten. Incorporating seafood into your diet is advised by all health institutions. But some people don’t eat it primarily because they don’t like the smell or the texture. But with the introduction of alternatives, you can see an increase in consumer base.

Plant-Based Dairy

 Dairy is being phased out. There are countless alternatives available in the market for milk. Care for some oat, hemp, coconut, or black sesame milk? They sound funny but are supposed to be better than the milk we have been drinking. Pushing beyond just milk, these alternatives are being further leveraged to create drinks, blends, and yogurt.

There is an entire range of plant-based creamers also making its way to you, where pecan and bananas are being used to create creamers. Artisanal Ice Cream makers have also jumped on this ship, and Van Leeuwen will be launching an entire line of oat milk ice cream.

Alcohol Is Out 

 Earlier going to a bar when you were not an alcohol drinker was torture. There were barely any options, and the ones that were there were, in fact, just sweetened water. The wellness bug that has bit the Millenials has rapidly increased the nonalcoholic options available to nondrinkers. Zero proof beers are on the rise, along with drink mixers for mocktails.

There are even bars popping up that don’t serve any alcohol and instead cater to the sober curious movement. With a rapid rise in alcohol abstinence, taking the stigma out of sober living is the first step in a healthier existence.

Rise In Sleep Snacks 

 Sleep-related issues have reached an all-time high. That has automatically given rise to a bevy of products that help you sleep. Sleep associated products have been growing steadily, but in 2020 they are expected to boom.

Food-related solutions include a caffeine-free night time latte, a bar of calming dark chocolate, or a CBD infused chocolate. CBD has proven to have calming effects that help you sleep. Always check with a medical marijuana doctor before you decide to try CBD out.

Plant-Based Cuisine 

 More people are jumping on the bandwagon that identifies as vegan; the industry, however, has not had too many options catering to them. Until now. You now have Beyond meat and impossible burgers that have managed to make even the most avid carnivores turn a new leaf and give vegetarianism a shot at the minimum.

Even the people who aren’t ready to make the jump just yet have been looking at an ethical option to fulfill their cravings. You might not see the complete removal of meats from our diets, but you will see a lot of cauliflower, legumes, and brown rice balanced options.

Healthy isn’t just a fad anymore; it is a need. If you take into account the rising food crisis in the world and how closely it relates to environmental factors. You would, too, be switching to a sustainable eating palette.