Dogs are a great addition to human life. They bless our space with happiness and comfort. Honestly, that’s something most of us need. What makes it even better is the fact that they are great to cuddle.

A smooth furry coat offers a great feel. Well, all dogs don’t have that. Some dogs have that itchy, and flaky coat. This clearly points to the lack of nutrition. If your dog has a lackluster coat, you probably need to pay attention to its diet. Here is what you can do to ensure your dog has a nice shiny coat. 

Essential fatty acids are important for a healthy coat

Experts mention that healthy fats are essential for a good coat. Well, not all dogs have that because the nutrients are not enough. So, you should understand that the nutrients are essential to develop a smooth and shiny coat. For that, you need to access good quality pet foods. Most reputed brands do a decent job with their nutrient profile. The products contain essential fats and nutrients that are necessary for a shiny coat and healthy skin. Experts suggest that you shouldn’t feed your dog with the commercial products that come cheap. The quality is low and it does not fulfill the nutritional requirements of your dog. 

Pay attention to the fat content in the dog food. A low-fat diet can trigger the deficiencies leading to dry, dull, and flaky skin. This makes the coat prone to infection and other diseases. This usually arises from Omega-6 deficiency. And it’s not just limited to that. Dogs have a habit of scratching themselves that leads to inflammation and irritation. 

Omega-6 is essential

Experts say that most dog foods available in the market have a good portion of omega 6 acids. These fuel the body with enough healthy fat to keep the coat thick and shiny. If the body oils dry out, omega 6 helps in replenishing it. Vegetable oils are also a rich source of omega-6 fatty acids. Experts mention that sunflower oil is one of the best in this regard. You can simply add a tablespoon of oil with their meal and that works absolutely fine. Just ensure that the oil is fresh.

Omega-3 is good too

Omega-3 fatty acid is pretty helpful for dogs too. They have anti-inflammatory properties that can help in managing skin problems. It makes them perfect for battling allergies and other diseases. Experts say that fish oil and flaxseed oil are great sources of these fatty acids. To beat itchy and inflamed skin, DHA and EPA are great supplements. They are available in the form of capsules and liquid. Veterinarians suggest that liquids are better because they offer the flexibility of use. Well, you need to be careful about the dose because excess consumption can fuel other problems like an upset stomach. 

Other vitamins are necessary

It’s not just about the fatty acids. There are other Vitamins and minerals that are necessary too. These include zinc and vitamin A. Their deficiency can cause scaly and crusty skin. It’s always better to get your dog scanned from a veterinarian before taking any supplements. He can tell the exact dose that would work for your dog’s health. With the right dose, you can enhance your dog’s health on priority. It can bring a positive change in the dog’s health with ease. 

Always contact the expert

Although having knowledge about nutrition and diet for your dog is helpful, it’s always better to contact a veterinarian for the best help. They can screen your dog’s health and suggest the best nutrition. With adequate knowledge of the nutrition profile, managing things naturally becomes easier. You can figure out a diet that can gift your dog a healthy coat. With a smooth and furry coat, cuddling sessions would naturally be better.

emotional support dog

Dogs are great stress busters and can bring a positive change in your mindset. This makes having an emotional support dog highly beneficial for mental health patients. It can make managing conditions like anxiety and depression much easier. The doctor can provide you with a valid recommendation to give you the right to live with your ESA. Well, in any case, keep these nutrition tips handy. It can help you bring a positive change in your dog’s health.