Food, no one can ignore the call of their stomach for too long. I just love food! Who doesn’t? It’s necessary for your body to work properly, for your growth. And if you are a foodie like me, you probably keep trying new dishes and cuisines. Whether it’s Italian pasta or Korean barbecue. Asian cuisine is gaining a lot of fame, and Korean food is in the top tier.

With so many Korean restaurants opening in the cities all over the country, it’s hard to deny the popularity of Korean food. And if you haven’t tried Korean food yet, go for it this weekend! There is more to Korean food than just the taste. So, here are some of the most interesting facts about Korean food.

1. You Can Find a Lot Many Types of Kimchi

You must have heard about Kimchi when talking about Korean food. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous dishes originating from Korea, some even call it Korea’s national dish. It was the first-ever Korean dish I tried. But, do you know, there is more than one variety of Kimchi. And I’m not talking about one or two, you can find hundreds of types of Kimchi. So many types of deliciousness. 

2. Rice Was Used Like Currency to Pay Taxes

Rice is a fundamental part of Korean cuisine and also in Korean life. Since the cultivation of rice started in Korea. There was a time when rice was treated as a luxury dish. During the Three Kingdoms Period in Silla, rice was used as currency, people paid taxes with rice. Even the farmers who were producing rice were not allowed to eat it.

3. You Can Enjoy Some Food From The Royal Cuisine in Temple Food

Yes, a lot of the options served at the royal cuisine can be served when enjoying temple food. When the maids working at the palace gets too old, they start working in the temples as nuns, which bring a lot of food items from the royal cuisine to temple foods.

4. Korea Comes in Top Tier in The List of Countries That Consumes Garlic

I have been eating Korean food for too long now, and still, haven’t found any dish that does not have garlic in it. Whether I’m having soup, grilled meat, marinades, or some drinks, I see the use of garlic. Korean people just love garlic a lot.

5. Banchan Was Served According to The Diner’s Status

A long time ago in Korea, the side dishes known as banchan would be served according to the diner’s status. Yes, they judged people. Diners could have four to twelve different banchan. Kings would even get a hundred varieties. I just can’t imagine the size of the table, and how would they eat that much. These tasty and small dishes could take up space on the entire table we have now.

6. Metal Chopsticks Are Used by Koreans

This is really amazing, Koreans use metal chopsticks! Do you think that’s different and unique? Wait till I tell you that these chopsticks come in different shapes too. You can find metal chopsticks in the round, square, and flat shapes. But why do they use metal chopsticks? Read here

7. The Meat or Noodles Dish Served Decides The Type of Banchan You Will Receive, Also The Season

We are not done with the banchan yet. Other than your status, the type of banchan also depends upon the meat or noodles dish you ordered. This is also depended on the season. Well, when you have so many types of banchan, something has to be done. Oh, now I know why I didn’t get the same dishes in the summer that I get in winter. 

8. The Most Popular Sauce You Will Find in Korea is Gochujang

Is this even a surprise? The best sauce in Korea has to be gochujang. It is just too versatile! You can use this red pepper paste with soups, vegetables, rice dishes, and most meats. And I just love the taste!

9. Korean Dessert Approach is Different From Western Dessert Approach

What comes to your mind when you think about desserts? Something sweet like cakes, pies, ice cream, or maybe something else that is fun and sugary, right? But, it’s different for Korea. While western food has also influenced Korea, it didn’t get to their dessert. You will get fresh-cut fruits, teas, some traditional cookies, or rice cakes as a dessert in Korea. This has been a part of their food culture since the starting. While rice cakes were made only on special occasions. You can get fancy western dessert at the restaurants but at home, Koreans prefer the traditional dessert.

10. You Can Find Food Items Outside of Restaurant Exactly Same as They Are on Menu

This is really interesting. Restaurants mostly use plastic replicas of food items to display. But when you are going to a Korean restaurant, you can expect the food items to be the same as they are on the menu.


For me, Korean food is just amazing, and you have to try it yourself to believe. And these facts should be good enough to push you to try some of the Korean food. So, the next time you are planning to go out and have something different, go to a Korean restaurant.