Ice Cream is one of the most endearing forms of dessert dishes that anyone and everyone absolutely loves to eat. Why is that? Well it is said that due to a specific enzyme called amylase people love trying out new textures of food. This special enzyme then helps in breaking down the starch infused foods that we eat at a faster rate which is why we love eating ice creams often. Of course it is also because of how yummy it tastes. Our taste receptors are quite attuned to the wonderful and incredible flavors of ice creams that are already quite common, however it is always exciting to try out something new. Let us go through a list of some of the weirdest ice cream flavors that you must try out.

Carolina Reaper Ice Cream

Ice creams are more often than not associated with a sweet flavor or taste, if not completely sweet, then at least partially in combination with salty aspects. There was a dire need for people to experiment with brand new types of flavors that could prove to be interesting and tasty while also being adventurous. What better way to do it than by trying the Carolina Reaper ice cream that, yes you guessed it right, heroes the Carolina Reaper. Combining the hottest chili peppers in the world into an ice cream probably sounds like a crazy idea and only some daredevils of the world can possibly try it. If you think you can handle this spicy icecream, sign a waiver and get in line. 

Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream

This ice cream is more appetizing than it probably sounds. Salted egg yolk ice creams have pleasantly surprised people with its goodness all around the world. As the name suggests, this ice cream is created by blending the egg yolks with sugar. The taste is sometimes believed to be similar to sea salt ice cream but the strong undertone of the egg yolk cannot be missed by any chance. Try out this strangely delicious ice cream flavor to understand how it is possible to create something so yummy from this flavor combination. It is quite like trying out new delta-8 carts that the magazine West Word features now and then.

Maple Bacon Ice Cream

Sounds like a crazy combination right? Maple, bacon and ice cream? Well let us tell you that it works most wonderfully. Bacon being one of the most popularly loved dishes around the world, it isn’t as strange that it wouldn’t be experimented with in regards to ice creams. You can simply try it to enjoy it and then only would it be easier for you to believe how absolutely smashing the taste is. Sometimes people also include some interesting elements like borbon and nuts to add layers to this epic ice cream flavor. Arguably the best salty and sweet ice cream ever. 

Kimchi Ice Cream

Are you in love with kimchi? Next we have the yummy and delicious kimchi flavored ice cream that you would have never thought possible, but it is. Korean food is super interesting to both eat and cook but when we bring it into the culture of a cold dessert like ice cream, it becomes something completely bonkers. The famous taste of kimchi which is a combination of both salt and sour, is carefully blended into this particular ice cream. It might not be suitable for everyone’s taste palette but the person who will like it, will be sold for life. These ice creams usually include side dishes of either some crackers or something super sweet and rich like honey. 

Peanut Butter And Curry Ice Cream

Peanut butter is in itself a quite popular flavor for an ice cream and people love trying it out. It is usually paired with amazing fruity flavors of banana and mango and also sweet flavors like honey. Now enters an interesting idea which is that of adding the curry flavors to this peanut butter ice cream. Yes it is a little bizarre but if someone likes it, then they can definitely try it. It only takes getting used to once and then there is no going back. If not peanut butter, people can try out the curry flavor in combination with the simple mint flavor. There are a lot of flavors that you can experiment with on your own so take a risk and choose something completely different.